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We have been known in the media industry for over 35 years, producing reliable and sustainable software solutions made in Germany. We have built a strong reputation through our expertise flexibility and resilience. As we look towards the future, we will stay on our toes and remain curious. We will do anything it takes to make sure our products and services always inspire you.

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Media solutions made with passion.

We are the partner to accompany media firms through their digital transformation sustainably and reliably. We are the leading experts for innovative solutions, outstanding services and modern technologies.

We are experimenting, trying out new ways and keen to explore new things. Our passion is our motivation. We want to make a difference. And if we fall, we will get up straight away and learn from it.

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We believe in the power of cooperations and networks and maintain partnerships enabling us to shape current developments. Together we work on projects, exchange know-how and ideas, thus completing our range of services.

ppi Media Holding

Following the exit of the Eversfrank Group, ppi Media has once again been an owner-managed company since January 1, 2019. The ppi Media GmbH is owned entirely by its parent company, the Kiel-based ppi Media Holding. Its majority shareholders are Dr. Hauke Berndt and Manuel Scheyda, both of whom also hold the position as managing directors at ppi Media GmbH. Strategic investor Alexander Eck is another shareholder of the ppi Media Holding. Dr. Hauke Berndt has been working for ppi Media since 2002 and has been one of its managing directors since 2016,

while Manuel Scheyda entered the management after the company left the Eversfrank Group and has been responsible for the business innovation department since 2016. Alexander Eck provides strategic advice to companies with a focus on technology and helps them with M&A transactions, whilst he also acts as a strategic stakeholder for a wide range of other companies. The ppi Media GmbH is based in Kiel and Hamburg with a branch office in Chicago, and employs more than 100 people.

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