Academic publishing house Nomos automates creation of advertising materials with tohoop by ppi Media

Nomos, a publishing house based in Baden-Baden, is using the “tohoop” solution by ppi Media to create publishing programs and catalogs in a highly automated process, establishing a highly efficient link between its own text and image archive and Adobe InDesign.

June 28, 2021. More than 1,100 books and over 70 specialist journals are published every year by Nomos in Baden-Baden. It is one of the leading academic publishing houses in the fields of law, social science and humanities. Nomos has started using the “tohoop” publishing module by ppi Media to create publishing programs more efficiently.

Perfect combination of digital and print

tohoop is a web-to-print solution developed by ppi Media. The module enables publishers to take data stored in a structured manner in a web CMS or their own database and combine this data with an established publishing workflow for print publications to create high-quality print products from digital content. The formatting is taken straight from the web CMS and automatically and intelligently translated into lnDesign formatting.

The text and image archive developed by the academic publishing house, Nomos, has been linked directly to Adobe InDesign via an interface designed specifically for the customer. This allows content to be automatically and intelligently transferred from the archive to InDesign for the production of publishing programs. The decisive factor behind the publishing house’s decision is the fact that Nomos has received a browser-based planning interface in the CX planner from ppi Media, which made it really easy to drag and drop content from the text and image archive in InDesign documents during the planning phase – without the need for direct access to InDesign or the archive. This means advertising can be fully structured in planning meetings and the layout only has to be adjusted in detail.

“It’s absolutely remarkable that ppi Media has enabled us to intelligently integrate our own database with Adobe InDesign and easily plan and prepare for the production of our advertising – this wasn’t offered by any other competitor”, says Dr. Alfred Hoffmann, Managing Director of Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.

Dr. Hauke Berndt, CEO of ppi Media: “We’re extremely pleased to be working with Nomos. Our tohoop solution enables content to be intelligently transferred between online media or databases and print – without having to copy and paste and no matter whether content is first published online or via InDesign. The integrated web-based planning interface, which can even be used effectively on a tablet, optimizes the collaboration between everyone involved by enabling access to the latest content. That’s automation and efficiency at the highest level. Last but not least, we ensure absolute flexibility, as almost any database can be integrated in our solution”.