Efficient AdX digital modules: Informative online reports and availability checks made easy

Man and woman sitting at a laptop

Ad reservation with AdX is simple and easy to handle – across all publishing channels. The diverse solution offers some additional modules to help media consultants and ad customers save even more time.

Ad customers often only receive a basic invoice for their bookings and figures to determine the success of the bookings must be collected manually in a tedious process. This is inconvenient and makes the evaluation of a campaign’s performance a lot harder. This is why we developed a special AdX module together with the Rheinische Post, who have been using it for some time now. This reporting module enables ad customers to receive comprehensive e-mail reports containing the key data surrounding their online campaigns: these range from the number of ad impressions up to actual click figures for individual ad motifs. A report is automatically generated once a campaign has ended and sent to the advertiser or the media consultant – thus reducing the effort required to compose such a report by 100 percent.

Checking for availabilities

Media consultants and other publishing house and field staff can save even more time by using the mobile availability assistant for AdX and, by doing so, increasing the efficiency of their work significantly. This module allows the user to check for available digital ad spaces on the go via a web app, meaning that the customer can receive immediate feedback on their booking requests. Media consultants can retrieve the runtime, the ad material and the booking units of an ad in the AdX client and, using this information, can then check the availability of ad inventory directly on the DFP server. If the desired resources are no longer available, the ad seller is then shown alternative time periods and advertising material that they can offer to their customer.

Have we raised your interest in our AdX modules or would you like to receive further information? Please just contact your customer consultant or directly write to our head of key account management, Claus Harders.