AdSelf – 5 reasons to make the switch

AdSelf is our modern self-service portal that lets you conveniently design and display classified ads in your newspapers and magazines. Here are five reasons why you should switch now.

1. AdSelf is the portal for B2B and B2C activities

AdSelf not only lets you reach out to private individuals who can conveniently place their own classified ads in your publications, but also companies that can use the portal to deliver orders placed by their customers (e.g. undertakers or real estate companies).

2. Tried and tested upselling options

Integrated upselling strategies offer additional sales potential. AdSelf automatically presents users with alternative, higher-quality presentations of their ads, allowing them to choose their preferred option.

3. Easy to use on mobile devices

AdSelf is an HTML5-based web portal with a responsive design, which means it’s ideal for mobile devices. Ads can even be booked easily on a smartphone.

4. Integration of

AdSelf is a major portal for the automotive industry, enabling simple Online2Print cross-selling with the integration of Additional portals can be connected at any time.

5. Optional social media ads

Additional interfaces allow customers to place their ads optionally on social media. This is convenient for advertisers and creates even more upselling opportunities.