Automate your online and social media marketing with HyperCampaigns by ppi Media

ppi Media has developed a new solution, HyperCampaigns, which enables hundreds of regional and targeted ads to be displayed via different online and social media channels at the same time – with almost no manual work – to reduce wasted effort in digital marketing.

HyperCampaigns is ideally suited to the digital marketing campaigns of associations and chain stores, but publishing houses and agencies can also use HyperCampaigns to fully upgrade and streamline their digital marketing for customers.

HyperCampaigns allows all user groups to quickly and automatically display hundreds of hyperregional ads for specific target markets on Facebook, Google and other platforms. All they need is access to structured image and text material. Ads and even associated landing pages can be created in a fully automated process.

Team Beverage success story

HyperCampaigns is now being implemented for the first time with Team Beverage, Germany’s leading purchasing, distribution, marketing and service platform for the beverage industry. Team Beverage displays online ads for certain products in the immediate vicinity of the specialist beverage stores it supports within the major Google and Facebook networks. The ads are created automatically with the relevant information from Team Beverage’s central database. An appropriate landing page is also generated automatically for each ad to provide end customers with additional information. The landing pages sometimes even contain QR codes or electronic coupons for customers to redeem in store.

Efficient online marketing for media companies

Media companies and publishing houses can also use HyperCampaigns to boost the efficiency of their marketing workflows and offer new and appealing types of advertising for their ads customers. The highly automated solution enables publishers to create hyperlocal and targeted campaigns – with minimal effort – and tap into new and young markets through detailed targeting.

“We see immense potential in HyperCampaigns, because this solution makes online marketing more precise and efficient than ever before. Of course, HyperCampaigns can also be seamlessly integrated into other ppi Media solutions, which makes it even more appealing for media companies”, says Dr. Hauke Berndt, CEO of ppi Media.

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