Cybersecurity: 5 tips for companies

Hacker attacks, ransomware attacks and other cyber threats for businesses are on the rise. There is no absolutely safe protection against it. However, if you observe some basic rules, risks can be reduced.

  1. Stay informed: The Federal Office for Security and Information Technology (BSI) is the federal cybersecurity authority. On the BSI website you will find information on security standards, current recommendations and assistance. You can also become a member of the Alliance for Cybersecurity free of charge.

  2. Raising employees’ awareness: Regular training helps to strengthen employees in dealing with cyberthreats –such as phishing e-mails.

  3. Establishing crisis response mechanisms: What to do in the eventof network failure? Who makes decisions? Prepare for possible scenarios and define responsibilities.

  4. Backing up data: Those who back upall important data on a regular basisare hard to blackmail. In addition, it is essential to gain an overview of the company’s IT infrastructure in order to be able to carry out security updates on a regular basis.

  5. Creating guidelines – also for the home office: IT guidelines for companies are important and should be a matter for management. Thisalso applies to working at a distance.