Failure protection with ppi Media

Recovery plans for production system failure are hugely important for media companies. We help to prepare for an emergency.

Hacker attacks on media companies have repeatedly occurred in recent years. Production systems and publishing infrastructure could no longer be used after malware attacks, and media production was threatened with failure. In the past, we at ppi Media have helped various national and international customers to set up emergency systems and quickly resume production after attacks. Although we can’t protect against hacker attacks, we can help our customers get back into production very quickly.

With our Disaster Recovery solutions, we also protect against various types of production outages by transferring your data to a different server location in short time cycles. Should production fail at the main site, it is possible to switch to the replication system almost unnoticed in just a few steps. With ppi Servercheck, we also offer a monitoring solution within the scope of extended maintenance contracts that continuously checks system availability, utilization and response times, so that irregularities are detected early. As an alternative to on-premises installations, our production and editorial solutions can also be operated in the cloud, which eliminates numerous downside risks from the outset.

However, our many years of experience have shown that even with the most careful recovery plans, emergencies can have serious consequences – especially if the local system administration is not sufficiently trained in dealing with the often highly individual and complex security mechanisms of all necessary production systems of a publisher. That’s why we offer 24/7/365 support from our experts so that our customers receive immediate support in the event of an emergency.

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