Interview: introduction of a new working model at ppi Media

As part of our office restructuring, a “New Work Model” was introduced at ppi Media. Svenja Schütz, management assistant, gives us a little insight into how the first period went.

How did the integration of the new system go?

The integration of the New Work Model has basically gone well. Since the employees were in their home offices due to corona, we had the time to introduce the new booking system properly.

What are the advantages?

What is particularly good about the new model is that you have more points of contact with other colleagues and make new contacts, since you usually share an office with different people. The New Work model also improves work and time management and thus promotes one’s own work-life balance.

What is the outlook?

Basically, there is still potential in expanding the new system. We hope that the cross-departmental coworking spaces can be used even more after the Corona pandemic and are very positive about the developments.