Media promotes climate action and offsets carbon footprint

Climate change is arguably the most important global and social challenge of our time. That’s why ppi Media is consistently and emphatically promoting climate action. As a member of Leaders for Climate Action, ppi Media is committed to becoming a more environmentally friendly company by permanently reducing its carbon emissions. 

Leaders for Climate Action is an initiative that supports companies on the road to carbon neutrality and obliges them to implement transparent environmental protection measures. Its members have to sign the “Green Pledge” within three months by calculating their own carbon footprint and consistently implementing measures to reduce their environmental impact. They should also offset 100% of their carbon footprint from the previous year through appropriate projects. 

161,000 tons of CO2 offset 
As a member of Leaders for Climate Action, ppi Media and its climate officer (Carina Broer) have calculated the company’s carbon footprint for 2020 and fully offset carbon emissions by supporting a climate action project for solar-powered water pumps in Madagascar. At the same time, the company is looking to implement numerous measures to further reduce its CO2 emissions in the future: “I did my doctorate in climate modeling 20 years ago. Some of the climate change forecasts we made back then have already become reality. As a Leader for Climate Action, we’re leading by example. All companies should focus on climate action as a top priority. We’ve been prioritizing our sustainable action for many years and will continue to step up our efforts in the future – this may increase our overheads in the short term, but our commitment will pay off in the long term. This includes measures in the field of mobility, such as cutting down on air travel and converting our fleet to electric vehicles, as well as offering vegetarian catering at corporate events”, says Dr. Hauke Berndt.