Mindener Tageblatt changes to planning and production solutions from ppi Media

In future, the Mindener Tageblatt newspaper will be relying on CTP output control and planning, page assembly and ad pagination solutions from ppi Media. This change is taking place in the context of involvement in a publishing group with the Neue Westfälische and Lippische Landes-Zeitung newspapers, which have been using planning and production modules from ppi Media for years already.

The Mindener Tageblatt is cooperating with the daily newspapers Neue Westfälische and Lippische Landes-Zeitung and will use the IT infrastructure for planning and production of the publishing group in future. The Mindener Tageblatt is thus also counting on the output management OM and planning solution PlanPag from ppi Media. In addition, the software components ProPag for page assembly, AdPag for ad pagination and OM Portal for online customer access will be used for transfer of print orders at the Mindener Tageblatt. The objective is to optimize the production workflows of the popular regional daily newspaper and make synergies possible between the publishing houses. “We are delighted to be able to optimize our production processes through the publishing group and the related change to planning and production solutions from ppi Media,” explained publishing manager Carsten Lohmann.

The IT service provider Media IT-Partner, already responsible for the management of publishing systems within the publishing group, will be in charge of managing the change to publishing solutions from ppi Media. The project has already started and will be implemented gradually by the end of the year.