Press release: Nürnberger Presse publishing house introduces editorial system Content-X to its ad department

Frau im Café vor einem Laptop mit einem Mockup von Content-X.

In future, the ad department at the Nürnberger Presse publishing house will produce all its advertising inserts, advertorial pages and supplements with the editorial system Content-X by ppi Media and Digital Collections.

July 2018 | The Nürnberger Presse publishing house now produces content such as advertorial pages much more efficient than with their previous workflow thanks to the editorial system Content-X. Content-X is based on the DAM system DC-X by Digital Collections, which was newly introduced at the Nuremberg publisher and makes the central administration of images, texts and other assets possible. Aside from efficient content management, external editors and writers can now be integrated into the workflows much more easily when producing advertorials. They just add their materials for the advertorial pages to the DAM system via a web browser, meaning that there is no need for a complicated file storage system. ppi Media provides the interfaces that connect InDesign and the DAM system. WYSIWYG previews in the web browser make it possible to write texts accurately and line by line in DC-X. Staff at the Nürnberger Presse publishing house also benefit from the sophisticated status management for documents of the new system.

The time needed to produce certain products could already be reduced significantly at the publisher’s ad department thanks to Content-X. “We are delighted about the increase in efficiency that we have seen so far and that goes back to our use of Content-X”, says Michael Bayer, head of advertising at the Nürnberger Presse. The plan is to produce other products, including magazines, with Content-X from the end of August.