ppi Media goes New Work

New start at ppi Media – the renovation of the new premises and the relocation of the company will soon be completed. In the future, employees will not only find themselves in offices with a modern design and flooded with light, but also in a new working model. The motto is: New Work. At ppi Media, this working model is characterized, among other things, by the introduction of so-called flex desks and thus flexible workplaces as well as the restructuring of internal processes. The task of organizing ppi Media’s move was taken on by employee Beate Christiansen, who reveals her impressions of ppi Media’s restructuring in a short interview.

What is your opinion of the modern New Work concept at ppi Media?
I am very open to the new concept and am pleased that the company is prepared to develop further, also from an economic and sustainable point of view. I think that, in principle, something good will come out of this.

What aspects of the new office space and working model do you particularly like?
I think that the flexibility is a big plus point of this working model. It makes it easier for employees to combine their professional and private lives. The flex desk model will certainly mean that we have a lot of clarity and structure in the office. Before, it was very lived-in, but that will now be eliminated. So now you’re always sitting with other colleagues – although we’re a bit out of the model in the office area – but in general, working under the flex desk model will be much more varied.

Due to the move and the associated management, you are currently taking on two jobs at ppi Media. What tasks did you take on during the move and what is your normal role in the company?
During the move, I mainly took care of organizing and coordinating the helpers. We have many temporary helpers who take care of disassembling and reassembling the furniture. I am also the contact person for the employees, furniture orders, craftsmen and architects. Of course I also distribute tasks, I don’t do that all by myself.
Normally I work in the administration area in the Kiel office. This includes many organizational issues such as travel bookings, invoicing and sales activities, as well as quotations and order confirmations. Then I support my colleagues in Hamburg in the dunning process. So my job is also very diverse and varied. Due to the current conditions, a lot has fallen away, which is why this double job is very good to do at the moment.

What do you think of the dual function and the change from your normal job?
Basically, I find the dual function very good, as this is better than purely routine tasks. In the meantime, the move is dragging on a lot due to material procurement problems and the Corona conditions. Slowly but surely, one would be glad to see some normality return. Of course, there is an anticipation of the new rooms – one would like to get into the office and implement what one has planned in the past time. I’m really looking forward to that.