ppi Media implements DAM by Digital Collections at leading Danish newspaper publisher JP/Politikens Hus

The big Danish media company JP/Politikens Hus will use the digital asset management (DAM) system DC-X by Digital Collections, one of ppi Media’s partners.

DC-X is the successful digital asset management system developed by the Hamburg-based company Digital Collections and forms the basis of the editorial system Content-X, which has been jointly developed by ppi Media and Digital Collections. The Danish media company JP/Politikens Hus has now opted for DC-X as their DAM system in order to manage photos and graphics that are currently used in print and digital, play them out to the production channels and archive them. This will involve migrating 14 million assets from the existing solution. From the moment it goes live, videos will in future also be managed and archived in DC-X. ppi Media will implement this extensive project at the Danish media company. 

March 14, 2017 The newspaper publisher JP/Politikens Hus, which employs around 2,400 people, publishes the leading Danish dailies Ekstra Bladet, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten and Politiken. To manage the company’s extensive database contents in a comfortable and efficient way, JP/Politikens House will work with DC-X by Digital Collections in the future. The successful Danish publisher JP/Politikens Hus has been using ppi Media’s classsic software solutions for automated newspaper production for many years, including PlanPag and ProPag. Thanks to the long and trusting relationship between ppi Media and the Danish media company, ppi will now also be in charge of implementing the digital asset management system for Digital Collections at JP/Politikens Hus.

Per Palmkvist Knudsen, CIO at JP/Politikens Hus, says: “We have had a successful and trustful business partnership with ppi Media for many years. We believe that the implementation of the digital asset management system from Digital Collections also will be a positive experience.”

Currently, more than 14 million assets have to be transferred from the old system at JP/Politikens Hus and the migration of data has already begun. In addition to the implementation of DC-X, ppi Media will also offer JP/Politikens Hus first level support for the DAM system. The system is expected to go live in June 2017.

ppi Media and Digital Collections have been working together as partners for some time now. The jointly developed editorial solution Content-X has been on the market since 2010/2011. ppi Media’s staff in Hamburg and the Digital Collections team have been sharing a floor in an office tower in northern Hamburg since 2014.

About Digital Collections 

DC is a leading global manufacturer of software for managing and researching digital information as well as media-neutral content. DC systems cover all components for classifying, organizing, researching and processing texts, images, graphics, audio and video information in a central database. DC is committed to high technological standards so that users can have instant access to the data anywhere and anytime in order to transfer information to various production systems and media outlets. So far, DC has installed approx. 180 systems on five continents, mainly for large publishers, public institutions and the retail industry. More information can be found under www.digicol.de.