ppi Media implements landingpage for members campaign of HSV e. V.

Kiel, June 23, 2017 | With the campaign “Prädikat: kein Erfolgsfan” (Rating: No fair weather fan), the HSV e. V. hopes to appeal to its followers’ passion and loyalty. Anybody who is interested can apply for membership directly via the landing page raute-dich.de and instantly receive information on all their favorite team’s activities on social media.

Football fans are passionate and emotional, which is reflected in the HSV e. V. club’s web presence and member campaign. The landing page raute-dich.de has been implemented by ppi Media and presents real-life stories from true HSV fans. The page has been online since April 2017 and allows supporters of the long-established club to join their favorite team quickly and easily. The club could already gain around 1,000 new members thanks to the campaign. “LeagueDeck”, a social wall developed by ppi Media, is integrated into the website; allowing the sports club to collect the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts of their fans on a dedicated portal, as well as to create customized hashtag campaigns and keep these up to date at all times.

The aim of this campaign for members and the new web presence is to strengthen the sense of community amongst fans. To give supporters worldwide the chance to join the club, the HSV e. V. is doing away with membership applications on paper forms, providing an easy-to-use online form instead. The web portal, which is headed with a “Raute Dich” banner in a nod to the diamond in the club’s emblem, has been realized by ppi Media’s Strategy & Innovation department. “We are happy that the new web presence could go live so quickly. The cooperation with ppi Media was very smooth and the integration of the social wall LeagueDeck supports avid HSV fans’ sense of community,” says Dr. Anne Gnauk, who heads the department for media and marketing of the Hamburger Sport-Verein e.V.

For more information on the LeagueDeck, which is already being used by other sports clubs, go to our product page.

About the HSV e. V. 

The Hamburger Sport-Verein e. V. is one of Germany’s sports clubs that are deeply steeped in tradition. It is home to more than 75,000 members who actively support life at the club and their premier league football team. At the heart of the association is the HSV Supporters Club. From its humble beginnings with 36 dedicated HSV fans in 1993, it has grown into one of the biggest organization for members and fans. In addition to that, the HSV has more than 30 sports divisions with almost 7,000 active members.