ppi Media integrates the Digital Asset Management System DC-X by Digital Collections at the Indian media-giant Jagran Prakashan Limited

As of 2016, the company switched to ppi Media’s production and planning solutions. Now a Digital Asset Management (DAM) System by Digital Collections, ppi Media’s partner from Hamburg, will be added as well in 2019.

Jagran Prakashan Limited, publisher of Dainik Jagran – the largest read daily in India –, has been using the planning and production tools of ppi media’s Digital Assembly Line, including the planning and production suite PlanPag, since 2016 for the print production of over 260 local newspaper editions. With the introduction of the Digital Asset Management system DC-X, the publishing company will now also be able to increase the efficiency of the editorial library management for texts, images, videos, and other assets.

The Golden Standard – Professionally Implemented

DC-X allows for a central asset management of texts, images and videos all in one central content hub and offers an intelligent rights and workflow management. The integration of DC-X at Jagran Prakashan is led by an experienced project team consisting of experts from both ppi Media and Digital Collections. “Based on our experiences with ppi Media over the years we are confident that the DC-X Software System by Digital Collections will help us in organizing our content in a more advanced and structured manner. This will assist our newsrooms for faster retrieval of required archived content” says Sandeep Gupta, Executive President of Jagran Prakashan Limited.

About Jagran Prakashan Ltd. & Dainik Jagran

Dainik Jagran is the flagship brand of Jagran Prakashan Ltd. In today’s dynamic media world, where consumers have an unprecedented array of choices, Dainik Jagran stands out as a brand that is the choice of millions of Indians as they start their day. With a readership of 55.9 Million readers per day, it has been the largest read daily of India for the last consecutive 21 rounds of the Indian Readership Survey (IRS). With 37 editions, Dainik Jagran covers 11 states of India. It has also been declared by the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) as the Largest read daily in the world. Not just the largest read, Dainik Jagran has also been voted as the Most Credible Source of News in a BBC-Reuters survey.