ppi Media is recognized as a great place to work

ppi Media’s workplace culture has been certified as a “Great Place to Work” by the international research and consultancy institute of the same name.

Monday, April 12, 2021. The award recognizes fair, credible leadership and active support for employees. The corporate culture at ppi Media is defined by respect, trust, pride and team spirit.

“Great Place to Work” is an internationally renowned institute that certifies employer appeal within companies based on anonymous employee surveys and the analysis of personnel measures. ppi Media commissioned the institute to analyze the company’s measures and staff satisfaction to make sure that ppi Media’s employees are offered the best possible working conditions. In addition, a “culture brief” was carried out to examine the corporate culture and general information such as age structure, staff hierarchies and gender distribution.

Over 80% of ppi Media’s employees took part in the survey – and 91% of them rate ppi Media as a “Great Place to Work”. 97% value the community and teamwork at ppi Media. 99% believe they are treated fairly at the company and 98% consider the members of the management team to be honest and ethical in their business practices.

“We’re proud of the analysis results. As the managing directors of ppi Media, Manuel Scheyda and I find it very important that our team members are happy to work for ppi Media and believe in the brand. This is the only way to ensure tremendous customer satisfaction and the success of the company. The health and safety of our employees is also very important to us. During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, companies have a duty to care for their employees as best they can”, says Hauke Berndt, CEO of ppi Media GmbH.