Salt Lake Tribune produces print and digital editions with ppi Media’s “tohoop”

The traditional weekly print edition of the Salt Lake Tribune will in the future rely on InDesign-based workflows from ppi Media to enable easy content exchange between print and digital. The PDF pages of the digital versions published on the other days of the week are also produced with tohoop.

One of the biggest challenges for publishers is to integrate the print channel into a digital-first publishing environment cost-efficiently and without system breaks. The Pulitzer Award-winning Salt Lake Tribune already switched from a daily print edition to a digital publishing strategy and two print editions per week in 2020. To produce these editions more efficiently, the non-profit organization The Salt Lake Tribune, Inc., publisher of the newspaper, has chosen “tohoop” from ppi Media. The solution smartly connects Adobe inDesign with digital publishing platforms such as Word- Press and enables the easy exchange of content between digital publishing channels and print.

Optimized InDesign workflows

With the help of tohoop, the Salt Lake Tribune will be able to transfer content from WordPress to InDesign documents very easily and automatically in the future. For- matting from the WCMS is intelligently translated into Adobe InDesign. Cumbersome and error-prone copy-and-paste workflows are now a thing of the past. Chris Steg- man, Chief Revenue Officer of the Salt Lake Tribune: “tohoop allows us to work much more efficiently, the full integration of InDesign into a digital publishing envi- ronment convinced us.” The go-live of the new publishing workflows is planned for the first quarter of 2023.

tohoop: Optimal combination of digital and print

ppi Media’s tohoop can be optimally integrated with WordPress and guarantees the professional combination of digital publishing and print. Editors can work with tohoop and the integrated variant concept in WordPress’ Gutenberg editor equally well for digital and print. The full integration of InDesign provides access to article templates for print, and previews of print layouts can be displayed in the digital editor – including intelligent overset display. These and other functions make tohoop the most intelli- gent print workflow available on the print/digital integration market today. tohoop is complemented by the tohoop Planner, which enables easy planning of print publica- tions in the browser.