Schwäbisch Media uses ppi Media’s e-paper solution

The digital version of the Südfinder, the big weekly newspaper published by Schwäbisch Media, has been published using ppi Media’s e-paper solution CX epaper since November 2016. 

To offer an e-paper option of a print product is an important part of any publishers’ strategy. The Ravensburg-based media company Schwäbisch Media is using CX epaper, a product by ppi Media, to realize this. All the digital editions of the Südfinder are published and provided to the customer with CX epaper. The weekly has a circulation of around 500,000 and ten regional editions, making it one of the largest advertisers in Germany. Schwäbisch Media plans to offer its readers more products via CX epaper in the future.

Thomas Hoppe, deputy head of IT of the MSG Media Service at Schwäbisch Media, says: “We examined the available products very closely and eventually opted for CX epaper because the solution best meets our requirements.”

CX epaper can be used as a cloud-based solution as well as on-premises software, while integration with your own website is also possible. CX epaper also offers the option to carry out individual tracking for the contents of the e-paper with the independent web analysis tool Piwik. This way, a publisher can analyze which articles are particularly popular with readers, while the tracking data is always saved on your own server.

In addition to that, ppi Media’s affordable e-paper solution offers a high level of automation. Print PDFs are converted quickly and easily into e-paper format and links are created automatically. The realistic effect of flipping the pages when reading the e-paper makes using a CX epaper publication particularly appealing to the end user.

Alongside CX epaper, Schwäbisch Media also uses the editorial system Content-X by ppi Media and Digital Collections to produce one of their weeklies.