SÜDKURIER Produced with ppi Media’s Editorial System Content-X

Media company chooses software by ppi Media and its partner company Digital Collections for its editorial workflow.

The SÜDKURIER decided in favor of Content-X, a joint product by ppi Media and Digital Collections, in 2015. Now, all editions of the daily newspaper are produced from start to finish with the editorial system. With Content-X, the Constance-based media company can manage all its editorial content in one central database, it’s so-called “Content Cloud”, and can use this as a basis for producing different publications.

July 26, 2016. Thanks to Content-X, the SÜDKURIER can now manage its entire editorial content in one system. Once texts, photos, graphics and articles are entered into Content-X, they can be saved in a media-neutral format and are available anytime, anywhere. They can be used for publication in the media company’s channels and titles as well as permanently archived. Rainer Wiesner, managing director of the SÜDKURIER Medienhaus, says: “We started using Content-X this year, and implementing the technology was a very smooth process. We are now supplying content to all our media channels based on this technology.” Especially the direct interface between Content-X and Adobe InDesign and ppi Media’s PlanPag makes production of the daily newspaper very easy. After a successful kick-off meeting and the first workshops, one of the SÜDKURIER’s weeklies was produced with Content-X in March and just four weeks later, production of all the daily newspaper editions began. Content-X has replaced the editorial system that was used before at the SÜDKURIER.

Content-X: the center of the editorial workflow

Digital Collections‘ and ppi Media’s joint editorial system Content-X renders content such as text and graphics media-neutral until it is published automatically on different channels as required. Content that is entered once is stored permanently and can be called any number of times when searching the archive, or prepared in different ways for online, mobile, tablet or print. Apart from managing content, Content-X also allows the flexible integration of other sources, for instance messages from news agencies or RSS feeds. “Content-X enables the SÜDKURIER to feed content from external sources to the editorial system, to tag keywords semantically and to quickly identify current topics this way,” Manuel Scheyda, product and innovation manager at ppi Media, explains. As such, Content-X is at the heart of the entire editorial workflow at the SÜDKURIER.