SÜDKURIER is using ppi Media’s revamped online solution for customer ad reviews (AdCept)

ppi Media’s ad production system, AdMan, now comes with an AdCept extension that enables proofs to be sent to advertising customers in a fully automated process. SK ONE, the marketing company run by SÜDKURIER Medienhaus, is now using Version 7.0, featuring new technology and a completely revamped user interface.

AdCept makes it really easy for publishers to send proofs of booked ads to their advertising customers. Before an ad is produced, the customers receive an email with a link to a web-based review page, where they can see a preview of the ad and the order details. They can then either release the ad for production in AdMan or submit change requests. The steps can be repeated for each review process. The AdCept user interface has now been completely revamped for SÜDKURIER Medienhaus. The new responsive design ensures that the solution can also be used conveniently on mobile devices. The modern React framework is now the basic technology behind AdCept: “We’re pleased to offer our customers a fully automated and convenient review workflow. AdCept slots really well into our existing infrastructure”, says Steffen Kuhwald, who is in charge of the project at SÜDKURIER Medienhaus.

Dr. Hauke Berndt, CEO of ppi Media: “We’re constantly developing applications in collaboration with our customers and using the latest technologies.AdCept is just another example.”

About SK ONE

SK ONE develops innovative marketing and media solutions for around 10,000 customers – from the initial consultation and conception to implementation and performance measurement. Over 100 dynamic marketing experts at SÜDKURIER Medienhaus ensure the success of their customers with a great deal of passion and regional affinity. SK ONE brings together content marketing and digital agencies, HR marketing specialists and tourism and real estate experts.