Take a look behind the scenes of the “diwokiel” app

Das ppi Media Entwicklungsteam der diwokiel-App

Just under two weeks ago, the Digital Week Kiel (diwokiel) 2018 drew to a close with a number of events. For eight full days, the dominating theme in the regional capital of Kiel was “Experiencing digitization”. Many technological innovations were presented, and the Digital Week Kiel created a framework for the exchange of ideas between citizens, businesses, politicians and scientists.

ppi Media was premium partner and provided the official app for this series of events: The “diwokiel” app is based on ppi Media’s solution “thanks” and offered visitors of the diwokiel relevant information on the events plus a wide range of specials.

But how exactly did the diwokiel app come about? And who are the people who worked on it?

New challenges

First and foremost, ppi Media’s develops solutions for publishing and media houses. The “diwokiel” app project was aimed at an altogether different target group. Initial contacts with the hosts of the Digital Week Kiel had already been established last year, when our LeagueDeck solution was used for the diwokiel 2017 and we offered a workshop on the subject of design thinking as part of the event. To make the diwokiel still more digital this year, a new solution in the form of an app was needed.

This is where ppi Media’s location-based solution thanks came in. The biggest challenge for the thanks team was to develop a product for an entirely new target audience. On top of that, there were only about two months left to develop the product itself. The responsible head of development, Nico Dudek, did ask his team whether they thought it was possible, but he did not really doubt it at any time: “I was always sure that the team could do it. By now, we are an extremely well-coordinated team and have established a good routine over the years. This meant there were no problems at all.”

Finally, it’s “thanks” again!

The fact that the period to develop the app was in the middle of the summer holidays did not mean that software expert Martin Zloch was any less keen to get down to business. The senior developer could finally add a new, specific facet to the established thanks technology by ppi Media. He thinks the Digital Week Kiel is great, although he does see the digitization as an integral part of everyday life already. “Haven’t we all had a computer at home for 20 years now?”, the developer smiles. In hindsight, Martin regards the issue of quality assurance for the new target group as one of the biggest challenges during the actual development of the diwokiel app. Are design and handling really as good as possible? Changes were made right up until the last minute, and the end result is clearly something to be proud of.

Great cooperation

UI designer Cindy Eggers is also happy when looking back on the project. The was specifically responsible for adjusting and converting the graphics and logos. Overall, she describes working as a team with the guys as relaxed and informal. Communication with the diwokiel team was also excellent. Cindy was looking forward to special events as part of the Digital Week Kiel and told us that she was particularly interested in the sessions on prototyping and augmented reality.

Quick reactions to user feedback

Back in the developers’ office, updates and changes were incorporated “last minute”. The developers were able to continuously implement changes requested by the partner, and to get feedback from end users through the App Store and react to it directly. For example, one user was looking for an option to filter by date – the developers reacted swiftly and provided an update. Another user in the App Store praised the diwokiel app: “Very useful and functional app! Makes it easy to get a good overview!” The ultimate success for us is making the Lord Mayor of Kiel happy and fulfilling all the expectations with our work.

What’s next?

After an exciting and eventful week, the diwokiel team has certainly earned those celebratory drinks. The developers are, of course, already looking towards the next project. And perhaps, the #diwokiel app will be available again to visitors of the Digital Week Kiel next year.

Foto: Manuel Scheyda, Martin Zloch, Olaf Schuldt, Stefan Nachtigall, Malte Boedeker, Cindy Eggers (ltr.). Not pictured: Nico Dudek, Axel Homann, Michael Maass, Malte Quade, Nathan Wenserski.