HyperCampaigns: The right ad for every target market

With HyperCampaigns we have created a solution that facilitates digital marketing and trims excess processes. The concept is born of our deepest passion: Automation.

Today, most companies reach their target audiences through online advertising and social media networks. According to an analysis by the German Federal Statistical Office for the first quarter of 2020, 73 percent of all internet users between 25 and 44 years of age participated in social networks for private communication. 96 percent of the users in this group use the internet to search for goods and services. What’s more, 92 percent of internet users between the ages of 45 and 64 use the web to search for goods and services as well.

What does this mean for companies marketing products and services? First, it means that digital ads on Facebook, Instagram or Google are an excellent way to reach many target audiences. Digital marketing in these networks is especially effective on a hyper-regional level. These kinds of ads on the social media feeds of potential customers focus on services in the region or direct surrounding area of the user.

Today, however, there is one major problem facing efficient social media marketing: associations, for instance, who want to carry out centrally controlled regional marketing campaigns like special sales digitally have to manually implement these ad campaigns on Google, Facebook & other channels for each region. This is time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive to boot.

Because of this, we have developed HyperCampaigns, a solution that allows users to effectively and automatically upload online and social media ads tailored to specific regions and target audiences through digital campaigns. All users need to do so is access to structured visual and text materials. Ads and even associated landing pages can be created fully automatically.

Team Beverage Success Story

We recently implemented the concept with Team Beverage, Germany’s leading purchasing, distribution, marketing and service platform for the beverage industry. Team Beverage has been working with ppi Media over the last year to develop and establish an innovative concept for automated, hyper-regional ads on Google and Facebook to provide better support to beverage stores and retail chains that work with the company.

Online ads for specific market offers in the dealer’s direct vicinity are displayed for the specialist beverage stores supported by Team Beverage, within the major Google and Facebook advertising networks. The ads will be created automatically with appropriate information from a central Team Beverage database. And an appropriate landing page will also be generated automatically for each ad to provide end customers with further information. The landing pages may also contain QR codes or electronic coupons for customers to redeem an offer in store.

The project managers at Team Beverage expect the concept to generate a significant increase in sales for their own company and specialist beverage dealers. “Team Beverage and ppi Media have developed a completely innovative concept. Thanks to our centrally controlled online ads, we can promote offers and display targeted ads for our customers on Google and Facebook in the immediate vicinity of each retailer, which is ultimately where customers will take advantage of the offers. Social media and online marketing have now become a further pillar in our digital business development”, explains Nicolas Sonnenberg, Head of Retail at Team Beverage.

Nicolas Sonnenberg also described the successful cooperation between ppi Media and Team Beverage in his presentation at this year’s ppi Days on June 7th.

High relevance for media companies

Publishers can use our solution to extend the range of an ad from print to social media for their national and regional premium customers, allowing them to offer an additional advertising channel. For publishers, this is an additional digital monetization opportunity that helps compensate for losses in the print area. HyperCampaigns allows publishers to successfully implement hyper-local, target-audience specific campaigns that would normally be extremely expensive. It provides a way to reach specific target audiences where they already are: during their personal browsing on Facebook and Google – with minimal administration.