Press release: Titles by Zeitungsverlag Aachen are produced with ppi Media solutions

Symbolbild Zeitungsproduktion PlanPag

The Aachener Zeitung and Aachener Nachrichten, two German dailies steeped in tradition and amongst the core publications of the Zeitungsverlag Aachen, will in future be planned and produced using PlanPag and AdPag by ppi Media.

November 2018. ppi Media’s PlanPag, the leading solution for planning daily newspapers, is in use at numerous media houses around the world. The Zeitungsverlag Aachen now joins them to plan their dailies, the Aachener Nachrichten and Aachener Zeitung: they will use both PlanPag and also AdPag, ppi Media’s solution for the pagination of classified ads. The project to introduce the planning and production tools is already in full swing. ppi Media will also take care of connecting the VI&VA ad system and the press control system for the Zeitungsverlag Aachen.

The introduction of the ppi Media suite in Aachen was initiated by the Rheinische Post Mediengruppe, which co-owns the Zeitungsverlag Aachen. “Working with ppi Media and its solution has always been a very positive experience. We have been using PlanPag and other tools to produce and plan the Rheinische Post and some of our other titles for a long time now,” says Stephan Garre, CEO of the Pre-Press-Services GmbH, a spin-off of the Rheinische Post Mediengruppe publishing production.