How to use social media ads efficiently and really reach target groups

What if there was a solution that enabled digital marketing with online and social media ads without waste coverage – and with absolute efficiency? The key word is automation. (photo: Alessandro Biascioli / Adobe Stock)

Today, products, services and services must increasingly be marketed via digital ads on Facebook, Instagram or Google, as target groups can often only really be reached here. Digital marketing with social media ads is particularly effective on a hyper-regional level. In other words, when ads are played out in the social media feeds of potential customers that relate to offers in the region or the immediate vicinity of the users.

High manual effort for regionalized campaigns

However, this is also a major problem for efficient online marketing with social media ads: An association group, for example, that wants to carry out centrally controlled regional marketing campaigns such as special price promotions digitally, must manually implement the corresponding ad campaigns on Google, Facebook & Co. for each region. This is time-consuming, inefficient and therefore costly.

Automation as a solution

We have therefore developed a solution with which regional and target group-specific online and social media ads can also be placed effectively and automatically as part of digital campaigns. All that is required is access to structured image and text material. The creation of regionalized advertising materials and even matching landing pages is fully automated. “HyperCampaigns” is just as suitable for groups, chains and cooperatives as it is for publishers and agencies.

What’s in it for me?

  • Reduced effort by eliminating manual, time-consuming ad bookings.
  • Increased revenue through efficient marketing campaigns at low cost
  • For publishers: increase ad sales by extending print ads to digital channels

Publishers, for example, can use HyperCampaigns to extend the reach of a print ad for their regional and national premium customers by offering an additional advertising channel in the form of selected social media. For the publisher, this means an additional digital monetization opportunity that offsets the loss in print. HyperCampaigns enables a publisher to run successful hyperlocal audience-specific campaigns that normally require a lot of effort. This way, specific target groups are reached where they are: on their personal journey on Facebook and Google – and with a minimum of administration.

Learn more about the efficient use of social media display with HyperCampaigns here. An example of our solution in practice can be found here.