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Is Lionel Messi switching to Bayern Munich?

Of course not. At least not that we know of. But if he does, or if something else that your readers find interesting is happening in the world, you can rely on Content-X. This editorial solution for multi-channel publishing lets you share your articles, photos, breaking news, etc. across all media channels regardless of whether those channels are digital or print.

Publication 360

The editorial system Content-X by ppi Media and Digital Collections renders content such as texts and infographics media-neutral until they are published automatically on different channels as required. Once the content has been created, it never gets lost and can be formatted for publication on any channel. Together with DC-X, Content-X comprises the most powerful Asset Management System found in any editorial solution. So, now you have the most up-to-date news stories fully at your disposal and archive research is a piece of cake.

Relevant content - anytime, anywhere

With Content-X by ppi Media and Digital Collections, you can add content to any channel you want. It’s easy, fast and incredibly efficient. You don't have to choose between online, print, tablet or mobile. Instead, you can offer your readers exactly the content they are interested in – on any channel.

Easy and efficient

Let our users tell you what they think about Content-X.
"Content-X is simple, compact and incredibly efficient. With this new editorial solution, ppi Media has positioned itself once again as a leading software supplier and workflow specialist. We are impressed because we have been able to use Content-X to save a lot money and introduce highly automated processes in all areas. We recommend Content-X without any reservation."
(Peter Zehrer, Technical prepress manager at Russmedia)


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